IEEE Supports Innovation. Retain its Balanced Standards Patent Policy.

The IEEE-SA’s Patent Policy is and remains the model for standard setting organization (SSO) IPR policies, particularly following the 2015 update to the patent policy. The 2015 updates clarified issues that have been the source of time-consuming and expensive disputes at other SSOs. By enacting the updates, IEEE-SA distinguished itself positively. By almost any measure, standardization work at IEEE has thrived in the wake of these updates.

It is critical to the IEEE, to industry, to consumers, and in the larger public interest that the IEEE-SA maintain its Patent Policy in its current form.

Multi-Stakeholder Letter Expresses Support for IEEE-SA’s Patent Policy

Save Our Standards is a multi-sector coalition dedicated to reinforcing the importance of a fair and transparent licensing system for standard-essential patents to enable competition and allow all innovators to thrive.